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Longridge Carpet Cleaning - Erasing the Toughest Stains

Do you remember the panic that erupted when your wine glasses or coffee cup fell to the floor? Or the horror as your child ran through the house in muddy shoes. Carpets have been there.

Longridge Carpet Cleaning can remove the toughest stains such as wine, coffee, and pet stains.

Longridge Carpet Cleaning has been serving Lancashire residents since 1999. Local carpet cleaning company that is family-owned and operated. Each home is treated like it was our own. This has allowed us to work with many repeat clients over time. We invite you to take a look at our reviews and see what our clients have to say about us.

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Carpet Cleaning

Do you get tired of looking at your carpet, and seeing the coffee stain that has been there for months? It could be that your carpet has a urine stain because your dog peed on it. Carpets will look new after our deep cleaning!

How do we do it?

Over the past 20 years, we have developed a 9-step carpet cleansing process.

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

We will inspect your carpet in your home. We will inspect your carpet for permanent stains and provide you with an estimate.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum

Vacuuming can remove dry soil. Dry soil is required for carpet cleaning.

Step 3: Move furniture

Residential carpet cleaning prices include removal of small items such as couches, chairs, tables, and other small furniture. Regular pricing allows heavier items such as beds and dressers to be left in place. Additional charges may be required if the item needs to be moved.

Step 4: Pre-Spray

Preconditioning agents can be used to clean the surface better.

Step 5: Pre-Spot

To increase the chances of stain removal, you can pre-treat trouble areas with special cleaning agents.

Step 6: Pre-Grooming

You should thoroughly clean your carpet with a powerful extraction cleaning process.

Step 7: Neutralizer

We clean carpets pH balanced to ensure that there are no sticky residues. Your carpet will feel soft and fresh.

Step 8: Post-Spot

Our specialty spotting products can be used to treat any remaining spots and stains. Carpet protectors are recommended by professionals for carpets that have a longer life span and less permanent stains.

Step 9: Post-Groom

Professional groomers will groom your carpet so it stands proud and tall before we leave. The carpet pile will dry quicker and stay in its original place after grooming.

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Stone, Tile Grout Cleaning

Maintaining tile and grout cleanliness can be a chore and a backache. We are here to tell that there is no need to spend hours cleaning tiles.

Here at Longridge Carpet, we use powerful cleaning products to dissolve embedded soil in grout and tile. Then we rinse with high pressure using high water temperatures and 800-1000 PSI. Deep Clean removes all contaminants and gives you a tile and grout that looks "like new".

We can also seal your grout and tile. It will seal the pores and prevent permanent stains from forming. This makes it easier to clean up any spillages on your floor. ​ Click on the button below to make your grout and tile shine again! ​

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Furniture Cleaning

Your upholstery is the same as your carpets. It is subject to a lot wear. It can become a breeding ground of bacteria, dirt, and other undesirable bits. Our upholstery cleaning services can do the deep cleaning you need. Upholstery cleaning involves eight steps.

  1. Pre-Inspection. We will examine the item visually and provide an estimate of the expected results.
  2. Pre-Vacuum : We vacuum all soil from the skirting, back, arms and back.
  3. Pre-Spot: Before applying the cleaning solution to any area, it is essential that you first identify any problems.
  4. Pre-Conditioning: An upholstery pre-conditioner spray is available to loosen soil.
  5. Agitate Fibers – We use a soft upholstery toothbrush for soil removal.
  6. Soil extraction – The upholstery is then cleaned thoroughly with a powerful extractor.
  7. Speed Drying – Longridge wipes the upholstery down and uses a high-velocity fan for faster drying.
  8. Final Inspection
  • Professional upholstery stain and dirt protectors are recommended to extend the life of your upholstery and decrease the chance of permanent stains.

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What If I Don't Live In Longridge?

Please get in touch and we'll do our best to find you a cleaning company near where you live.

If you live near Durham or Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, call our friends at Durham Carpet Cleaners and they'll help you out.

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Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

Carpet cleaning offers many benefits. Carpet cleaning is something that we don't do very often. Carpet cleaning is an affordable service, compared to what we spend on our pets' daily needs. We still require that our carpets be maintained on a regular basis. Pet owners know how important it is to take care of their pets. Carpets can absorb large amounts of soil and other residues from pets' food and water. Indoor cats and dogs know this. Pets are not permitted in our homes. We do our best to keep them out of our homes and possessions. Sometimes we must resort to carpet cleaning. Pet stains can be especially problematic for pets with different skin and fur colors. Different breeds of cat and dog may have different characteristics. These traits can cause carpets to stain faster.

Pet owners often wonder what their carpets should look like after a pet has walked on them. It is easy. Carpets can fade from pet stains. It is essential to properly clean carpets in order to prevent them from becoming faded.

Why choose a professional carpet cleaning service? Longridge Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaner that will deliver high quality results and keep your carpet clean and healthy. They are equipped with the expertise and tools to remove stubborn stains and dirt. Professional carpet cleaners will thoroughly clean your carpets.

Efficiency: Carpet cleaning companies can help you save money and time. They are efficient in their work. They are highly skilled and have many years of experience so that you carpet is clean. The skilled technicians will make it easier to clean your carpet.

It takes less time: Carpet Cleaning is quicker than you can do yourself. You will need to return to the shop for shampoo and other carpet cleaning products. It can be messy. Carpet cleaning can be costly and time-consuming.

Carpet cleaners can clean your carpet and make it ready for use the next day. They can clean carpets without damaging or shrinking fibers. Cleansing can remove allergens and make your home smell cleaner.

Carpet cleaners and their equipment: Professional carpet cleaners use the most advanced equipment to do the job correctly and safely. Carpet cleaners are able to remove dirt and stains from carpet fibers without damaging them. Professional carpet cleaners have the right tools to clean your carpet correctly and safely everytime.

Don't waste time cleaning carpets. Carpet cleaning can help you save money. Carpet cleaners are carpet experts. They won't waste your money on repairs. They will clean your carpet without causing damage. They will clean and dry your carpet thoroughly before returning it to the owner.

Protect your investment by hiring a carpet cleaning service. Each carpet cleaning job will be completed correctly. Professional carpet cleaners have insurance that covers them in case your carpet is damaged.

Longridge Carpet Cleaning offers quality services at an affordable price. Our carpet cleaning expertise spans over 20 years. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. We are professional and skilled carpet cleaners who can clean your carpets.


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